Rain and Sunshine

It rained last night. There is something about the rain that captivates me. After a night of thunder and lightning, this day is quiet and peaceful. Everything seems to be fresh and clean. The atmosphere feels less heavy. Birds are singing more than usual. The grass looks greener, and the plants seem happier. I’m sitting on my back porch enjoying this Sunday morning and feeling grateful for so many things.

A little bird flies by and lands on the bird feeder placed under a small bird house my father and I built. It reminded me that it provided shelter to a little finch this Spring. There is still rain dancing on the leaves of the Hosta plants. A little ray of sun found its way between the tall Canna plants looking for a drop of rain to sip.

What a contrast from what is going on in the world! Too much death and hate. Is so easy for people to be judgmental these days. Not that it was not going on before, but it has increased; or maybe I am more aware of it. I like my little place, where I can sit in peace and reflect on life and situations to help me grow emotionally and spiritually. For some reason this day feels special. Not sure if it has to do with the rain and the sunshine, or just the fact that I am at peace with myself and others.

There was a time when I wasn’t. And yes, I was judgmental, jumping to conclusions about others and sometimes taking things personal. Not today. I have changed in so many ways! These peaceful days by myself make me feel closer to God. I can hear Him more clearly than having someone tell me what things should mean to me.

After times of conflict, I wish people could experience more of these moments and like the day after the storm, to open their hearts and minds more to receive with hope and expectation the beauty this life has to offer. There is still mysteries and new experiences to discover. I hope I find them all before my life ends.

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