I found Peace today. She had been hiding in a dark corner of my heart. Actually, I found her next to Happiness. They were both hiding from each other and especially from me the last couple of weeks.

You see, for a while they were part of my life. Like when I made the decision to be in charge of “Me”. Or when I removed many years ago the dead weight of those that just took up space and had nothing to offer. Those that would be holding me back from experiencing life completely.

There was a time when I lived inspired to follow my heart in a moment. And lived to surrender myself only to what my heart desired. But today, today l decided that it was time to welcome Happiness and Peace back into my life.

Today I decided to allow them to run freely through the corridors of my heart. I decided once again that I will be the only one that will matter when a decision is made. And I, only I, will be the important one in the equation.

Do not get confused by my words. I am not selfish. Because the end result of these statements is simple: What I desire, and what my priority is and always will be, is to give myself freely experiencing many forms of love. And in the process, to always make room in my life to foster the only thing that brings meaning and fulfillment: You!

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