A Moment Carved By Lightning

An instant becomes eternal, by simply looking into your eyes. A moment is carved by lightning deep inside my soul, when the agony of the heart can be perceived in a single tear. Because throughout the years, you were there for me when I needed you the most. And I know that there is no time, nor space between us. You know… Love always finds its way back into our hearts… unexpectedly.

After a moment of silence, you appear once again like lightning; rushing back into my life. Only to disappear in the darkness of the night… and I get lost. But for that second that you reappeared, my heart was overjoyed. Your unexpected presence has struck my life a thousand times since my last breath.

“Where have you gone?”, I ask. And once again the rain comes pouring down . And my heart awaits for another thunder and the miracle of your lightning to struck my life unexpectedly one more time…

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